About Shorai SA

SHORAI SOUTH AFRICA’s existence was born out of the necessity to find an environmentally friendly, more efficient alternative to the heavy, inefficient and out dated toxic and hazardous lead-acid power sport batteries generally in use.

We are a small motivated service orientated team, and our mission is to make sure that these high quality batteries are readily available to enthusiasts and dealers throughout South Africa.

Established by two motorcycle enthusiasts, one being an electronics engineer and the other being actively involved in the motorcycle wholesale and retail trade for a number of years, it became logical to look for a better alternative to the traditional lead acid battery. The obvious choice was SHORAI’s LFX Lithium-Iron batteries.

“Being mostly fair weather riders, our bikes would stand for weeks at a time, and when the time came to use them, invariably the battery would have discharged and would not start.” Even with the use of a battery maintainer the lead-acid battery would eventually lose its efficiency and let us down at the most inopportune time requiring replacement. A failure at base would be an irritation, out on a ride it is a disaster. Lithium-Iron has the reliability to ensure you will come home under your own steam.